Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) Services

Patriot Construction has developing innovative energy conservation programs throughout the country from efficient heat exchangers to innovative "smart meters" to reduce energy consumption. We have delivered solutions with real-world effectiveness for energy issues in order to deliver tangible results with practical, sustainable solutions for our customers all aimed at reducing energy costs and improving efficiency at the same time.

Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) Services:

  • Energy Efficient Assessments / Audits
  • Building Envelope assessment / improvements
  • Utility system improvements
  • "Smart" Meters
  • Mechanical system efficiency/Control upgrades
  • Solar photo voltaic arrays (both ground and roof mounted)
  • Wind Turbines
  • Geothermal
  • Electrical/lighting upgrades

Representative Energy Efficiency Project

Project Title:
Advanced Mechanical Metering Program
US Department of Veterans Affairs, Multiple Facilities in 7 States
Energy example 1 Energy example 2