Civil/Site Construction Services

Patriot Construction, LLC position in the Civil/Site construction market is unique. Patriot can not only deliver all facets of civil/site construction, but due to our multi-faceted capabilities we understand the mechanical and electrical conditions we are working around as well. We are sensitive to the conditions we are working in, and take care in ensuring precision before any piece of equipment touches the ground. State of the Art technology ensure that our first dig, is the right dig.

Representative Markets:

  • General road construction
  • Site Utility Installation/Relocation
  • Site drainage and sewer contracting
  • Sanitary and water service installations
  • Traffic control improvements and landscaping
  • Concrete and block retaining walls and vision barriers
  • Concrete median barriers
  • Steel sheeting and bulk heading
  • Asphalt paving and striping
  • Landfill construction and capping
  • Curb and sidewalk
  • Stone, sand, clean fill

Representative Civil Site Construction Project

Project Title:
Construct New CPAC Parking Lot
US Department of Veterans Affairs, Leavenworth, Kansas
Dept. VA Leavenworth, Kansas Dept. VA Leavenworth, Kansas 2 Dept. VA Leavenworth, Kansas 3